Craft Pizza of the Week

Try Our Craft Pizza Every Week

No one does classic NY Style pizza like our pizza makers. Sometimes we like to get creative in our open-air Italian kitchen. Every week we come up with a special craft pizza just for you. Our pizza of the week is always $15 for a medium and $20 for a large! There’s no better time to try Margate and Pompano’s best pizza than right now. Why not give us a try with our craft pizza of the week? We’re always looking to come up with new combos, so if you have a great idea for a pizza – please let us know.

Step-By-Step Instruction for Your Take N Bake Pie

1. Preheat oven to 350-375
2. Place fresh pizza dough tin foil down on cooking sheet or pan
3. Add generous layer of flour to tin foil
4. Stretch dough to desired size, or as large as your oven and pan will allow
5. Add extra flour to avoid ripping dough
6. Add sauce evenly to stretched dough
7. Sprinkle Parmesan cheese generously
8. Spread shredded Mozzarella cheese evenly across pie
9. Add extra toppings if you want
10. Slide your masterpiece off pan into oven on tin foil oil
11. Bake 10 mins
12. Spin pizza 180 degrees
13. Continue baking pie for another 5-7 mins
14. Check to make sure pizza crust is evenly golden brown on all sides
15. Cut pie in 8 slices (2 x’s across)
16. Tag us on Instagram with your awesome pie @annemaries_pizzacompany